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As probate attorneys, we provide some or all of the following legal services for estate executors and family members:

  • Locate and secure probate and non-probate assets
  • Obtain death certificate
  • Obtain values and appraisals of all the decedent’s property
  • Notify retirement plans, including IRAs and 401(k)s; rollover make appropriate elections, as needed
  • Notify social security, if appropriate, and insurance companies, and collect proceeds;
  • Prepare and file all documents required by the probate court in a timely manner
  • Address income tax issues; Determining if any estate taxes and/or inheritance taxes will be due and, if so, determine where the cash will come from to pay the taxes
  • Assist with the sale of estate property, or retitle it into the names of the estate beneficiaries if it is not being sold
  • Settle any disputes among personal representatives and beneficiaries
  • Request court permission for various actions as required by applicable state probate laws
  • Distribute the remaining assets to the beneficiaries after paying bills and taxes

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